Monday, February 21, 2011

On Birthdays

Coach's birthday is in April.  I really want to do some birthday a**-kicking this year, but so far it isn't working out.

Attempt 1:  Coach is lusting after a table saw.  I thought he liked a compact one at Lowe's for $300, which I was going to buy for him after squirreling away a month's worth of freelancing money.  Then I find out he has only been looking at that one since that's the only one we can reasonably afford any time soon, and that he actually needs the $800.  I can't squirrel enough freelancing money away for that, so there goes that idea.

Attempt 2:  Coach has zero guy friends in the town we live in-they all live in his hometown 2 hours away.  With his travelling schedule for work, the last thing he wants to do on his 1 or 2 weekends off every 3 months is travel.  So I thought it would rock to bring some of his guy friends down to visit him, as a surprise, for his birthday.  But Coach doesn't have a single free weekend in all of April.  Idea 2, struck down.

Oh, and he wants a stupid toilet for his birthday.  A toilet.  Home improvement stuff like that is not a birthday present to me, it's something we buy out of the funds we've set aside for the house.

Current Attempt:  A John Pils print of the new Busch Stadium and Sportsmen's Park, framed for his office.  Also, a nice dinner out at his favorite steak joint.  And maybe a toilet. 

I wanted his birthday to be awesome, but I am foiled at every turn!

Have you ever had a time of it trying to make something special for your partner?


  1. HAHAHAHA. If we owned a house, Paddy would totally want an awesome toilet. Not sure what an awesome toilet even is, but he'd be super pleased.

  2. Oh yeah, this toilet must also be awesome. And don't worry, the bathroom he wants the toilet for? His private "#2" bathroom, where he keeps his reading material. It's the warmest bathroom in the house, hence him reserving it for his longer visits. He calls it his "pooping bathroom," and I can't even think about it with laughing!

  3. Yes! My BF is the worst to buy for - he hates new clothes, "doesn't believe" in buying CDs or DVDs (he just burns them after borrowing or renting them), and works at Best Buy, so he has all the tech gadgets he could ever want. I CRINGE every time his bday/Valentine's Day/Xmas roll around!


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