Saturday, November 27, 2010

On Too Much Time

Coach and I arrived in his home town Wednesday night.  It's Saturday morning and I am ready to go home.

We had a really nice holiday-our first one together couldn't have been better.  We stopped by my family's celebration for an hour or so (this is his family's year for Thanksgiving, so this was very nice of him), then we went on to 2 other family celebrations.  We were visiting from 11-8 or so, so it was a longish day.  Yesterday we shopped all day.  And this morning I was on the computer, when his mom announced that only Coach and I would be making an appearance on their Christmas card this year, since she doesn't like a single picture of herself from the wedding.  Because someone else did her hair and she doesn't like it.

So...I'm ready to go home!  We had such a great time this weekend, but I think that my limit with his mom is about 36-48 hours.  At least I know my limitations, right?

How was your holiday with your partner?  How much is too much time with your in-laws/family?

Monday, November 22, 2010

On Beginnings

One of Coach's athletes had a first date with a girl he really likes this weekend.  This poor kid is the only guy on the team sans girlfriend, and he is very insecure about it.  A date going well for him is so important. 

While at dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, the athlete's car is hit while parked and totaled.  The athlete and his date find the car, and the athlete had to stay behind to deal with the cops, tow trucks, etc etc, while the date's roommate came and picked her up. 

The athlete was mortified at the way the date ended up, and told Coach about.  Coach replied:

"On IP (that's me!) and I's 2nd date, my truck wouldn't start because it was so cold.  Her sister had to come and pick us up.  She ended up marrying me....if your date is cool, she won't mind a bit."

I thought it was sweet.  He doesn't deliver sentiment how I would myself, but his way works so much better for him.  I love the story of us. 

I'm so sorry I've been so absent...Coach and I are trying to ready our house for move in (which is hopefully this weekend, keep your fingers crossed he doesn't discover any "must do before move in" projects!), and we are over there working whenever we aren't at work.  I have lots of commentary on remodeling together...I think it might be far superior to pre-marital counseling! 

Does your partner surprise you with unexpected sentiment?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Too Much

Lately I've really overwhelmed and overly-emotional, almost as if I'm on the verge of tears 99% of the time. I'm not sad, not in the least, I think I'm just so bowled over by how good my life is right now.

I went from seeing my almost-husand 2-3 times a month to waking up next to him every day.

I went from absolute terror of seeing Coach desperately unhappy and unfulfilled as another coaching job passed him by because he wasn't a woman or a minority (Coach lost several jobs to Equal Hiring policies) to seeing my man be the Coach I always knew he could.

I'm going from living in a cute house by the park with my best friend and sister to the house of my dreams with my husband. As sad as I am to leave my sister, I know how important it is that Coach and I have our own place, and I can't wait.

I went from a job where I never knew when I'd be laid off because my boss spent all of the money that month to a job in my field of study that looks like it's going to be awesome for me. And for my little family, because the bonuses are amazing.

I went from struggling with money to being comfortably frugal, thanks to my husband and his amazing financial know-how.

My only explanation for how overly-emotional I am is that I feel so utterly blessed, so fortunate, so loved. And I feel that so much that it's just has nowhere to go!

Here's hoping I can calm the F down...

Have any of you been bowled over by the way your life turned out after the flurry of wedding planning died down?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

On Wonder

Yesterday was a silly anniversary for Coach and I, but it's one of my favorites. 

November 3, 2007 is the day I first laid eyes on Coach.  I saw him at a sporting event, I thought he was hot, and I (brazenly for me) added him to Facebook.  He messaged me back, and 6 months later, we were dating. 

In honor of the day yesterday, I went back and re-read the epic FB message thread that Coach and I had after I first added him as a friend.  We went back and forth for weeks until I finally suggested that we meet in person.  Reading through those messages just blows my mind.  I think about the girl that I was then, and how much I was hurting over the loss (not physical, but our friendship was in its' death throes) of my best friend for years and years to alochol.  I think about how cute I thought he was, and I look back in absolute wonder that we ever ended up together.  Because while I first contacted Coach in November of 2007, we didn't start dating until March of 2008.  And he almost said no in March because I had been so wishy washy for almost 6 months. 

When I look at Coach, I'm no longer in awe every single time over the fact that he's in my life.  I look at my husband and I see the person who "gets" me the very most, the person who I would do anything in the world for.  I see comfort when I look at him, because I know that no matter how much of a pain in the *ss I am, he's going to be there.  Always.  But when I look back over our beginning, I am struck by an enormous sense of wonder that so many variables and components all came together just right, at just the right time, all to deliver me to my husband.  And him to me. 

So every November 3rd, I like to read over those Facebook messages.  I only do it once a year, on that day, and I am always moved to tears over how much could have gone wrong, and how much went just right. 

Did the stars align when you met your spouse/partner?  Or did it take awhile for everything to fall in to place, like it did for Coach and I?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On Mileage

Coach and I closed on our first home yesterday.

Our home just so happens to be less than a half a mile from my parent's house. 

It's totally fine with me, but if we lived less than a half a mile from Coach's parents....not so fine.  This makes me feel guilty. 

After the wedding, when we moved Coach down to my hometown and got settled into the house I've been sharing with my sister, my parents made a big effort to give us our space.  I don't go over to my parent's house more than once or twice a week, and we have dinner with them maybe twice a month.  I really admire my parents for giving us our space to enjoy being newlyweds. 

I feel mean thinking this, but I know that Coach's parents would not have done so.  They just aren't like that, they're much more in your face.  Exhibit A:  Coach and I didn't take a honeymoon.  He had a new job to start.  The weekend after the wedding, we did go to St. Louis (where Coach is from and where his parents live) to have a "mini-moon."  We got a hotel room, completed our registries, etc etc....and had dinner at his parents house.  On our mini-moon.  They just aren't good with boundaries. 

I shudder to think what we'd be dealing with if we lived so close to his parents.  As cranky as it sounds, I'm glad we don't! 

Did your parents back off a bit so you can revel in your newlyweddedness?  Or are your parents much more involved, and is this good or bad for you?