Monday, December 27, 2010

On Cool Kids

My cousin had her little girls down at Christmas this year.  They are adorable. 

Her oldest one is 4, and she is a bright little girl.  We sat on the couch and ate Chex Mix together and talked about her pets and Buzz Lightyear. 

If I can have kids like her, then I AM IN.

Besides, I need someone to pass my American Girl on to.  I have Felicity, my sister has Samantha.  Hours of fun I tell you. 

Quick aside: 

Scene:  Christmas Eve morning, Coach's parents house.  I'm about to open a very large (in size) Christmas present from his parents. 

Right before I reach down to start ripping off the paper, Coach's dad says "I don't want to send the wrong message or anything...." Coach points at his dad and says in a somewhat threatening tone: "That better not be a crib!"

It was a shop vac.  And hysterical!

Any funny holiday moments to share?

On Sickness

Coach is sick.

He hasn't felt well for a couple days.  Last night he got home from a movie and was sick as soon as he got home.  He was up 6 or 7 times last night sick too, puking and cold and miserable.  He wanted to sleep on the couch, but I wouldn't let him.  He held on to me in bed like I was a life raft. 

We've been together for years, and I've never seen him sick with anything more than a cold or a sinus infection.  He's worrying me, because he can't keep hardly anything down.  He's got until tomorrow to feel better or he's going to the doctor. 

I feel like that part should be in captial letter.  He's Going To The Doctor.  Because He Is, because I Said So.

I hate seeing him so miserable.  I almost wish it was me, except I have no sick days and he's off all week, so I guess it is better that it's him. 

If I hurt this much seeing my husband sick, what am I going to do when I have sick babies?

How do you handle a sick spouse?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Goodbyes

In 2006, my parents bought a house.  My sister and I fixed it up and decorated it together, and we've been living together ever since.  (We paid my parents rent, we're spoiled, but self-reliant).

We scoured antique and thrift stores together.  We sewed pillows together, and tried to stuff them with shredded bits of foam that got everywhere.  We have a dog here together.  I have outfit advice whenever I want it, and my accessories collection is doubled. 

And tomorrow, I move out and in to my gorgeous new home with my husband, who's been living with us since the wedding in July.  It's been an unorthodox arrangement, but we've made the rent and utilities much cheaper for my sister, and it allowed for us to look for, find a house, and fix up a house all while having a place to live. 

I'm so sad.  I'll miss seeing her every morning and every evening.  I'll miss having her tell me how cute I look in XXX shirt, or that she made oatmeal and made some for me too.  I'll miss the house we fixed up together.  It was my first home outside of my parents house.  It's my bachelorette pad. 

I'll never get to do any of this again, and as excited as I am about finally living with my husband and having our own house that we are so fortunate to live in, I am so sad that all of this-my single life, my life with little to no compromise, my life with my sister a hallway away-is coming to a close.

Oh, and I'm crying over this just typing it.  And I cried over it when I saw my closet all emptied out tonight.  And I know I'm going to cry tomorrow, when I see my ballerina-pink-vintage-Vogue-poster all empty. 

It's a huge chapter of my life coming to a close.  And even though I'm going to be 3 minutes away and I'm joining the gym she goes to so we can have bi-weekly elliptical dates, I'm sad.  I'm a huge pansy, I know.

Ugh.  Please don't comment and tell what a huge pans I am.  I know it's true.

Has any of the transitioning from single-married life been particularly difficult for you?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Me Time

Since closing on our house November 1st, Coach and I's free time has completely disappeared.  Our house was not at all turn key ready, so every evening after work we went over to the house to whip it in to shape.  I still do some work on the side for my old job, so 2 evenings a week I've got scripts to work on.

Needless to say, my me time was nonexistent.

Coach is away this week for a coach's conference.  I miss him, and I know by Friday I'll be dying to see him....but.....I am loving every second of me time I'm having this week.  Last night I watched 2 episodes of Bones in bed while I crafted.  It was heaven.  And I slept in the middle of the bed, all sprawled out.  And hogged all the covers. 

I feel awful about not missing him more, but hell...I feel like I'm on a personal vacation or something! 

Tonight-more crafting.  And at least 2 more episodes of Bones.  Then I'm going to turn on the Nat Geo special on the Gospel of Judas while I fall asleep.  Yummm....

Just to further excuse my guilt, Coach and I spent our entire 16 month engagement living 2 hours away.  I saw him 2-3 times a month, so pretty much all I had was me time. 

The guilt, the guilt!  Do you enjoy me time?  To the point where you aren't super upset that your partner is out of town? 

Friday, December 10, 2010

On Cake

So, Thanksgiving was Coach's side of the family this year.  His mom's side had lunch, his dad's side, dinner.

His mom's side is a bit more....high flutin', you could say.  They're all on the wealthy side, and their family gatherings are different from anything I've ever been too!

Different is not code for bad here.  They take out the fine china and set up Thanksgiving dinner in these gorgeous buffet servers.  It's lovely.  There are plenty of tables set up and you can sit with whoever you'd like.  All in all a really nice meal. 

But.  In my family, you offer to help clean up/get dinner on the table, and you bring something.  You never show up empty handed. 

Not so for Coach's mom's side.  Offers to help were absolutely refused, politely of course.  And my offer to bring this killer tiramisu layer cake I make was also refused.  They have a set in stone rotation of food, and the same people bring the exact same dish every single year. 

One of his cousin's joked that her pie didn't "pass muster," so she never brought it again.  Ouch. 

So I'm not taking it personally.  It's just a world away from what I'm used to.  But I'm not going to is hard not to be a little offended.  I feel just a little like my cake isn't "good enough." 

Things are done differently.  I need to work on not feeling slightly offended. 

Does your partner's family do holidays really differently than you?  Anything about your partner's holiday tradition that leave you feeling kind of left out?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the Handling of Stress

Coach doesn't handle stress very well. 

We still aren't moved in to our house....stuff keeps cropping up.  Stuff that costs money.  Money that we have safely tucked away in various savings accounts set aside specifically for this stuff.  The money is there, but poor Coach is such a saver that seeing it leak steadily out of said savings accounts is making him pull his hair out.

And his work....oh his work.  He works so much. 

He's stressed, in general.  And he doesn't deal with it as well as I'd like.  He gets angry at everything, and is just all over unhappy and hard to please.  Not fun to live with.

I'm riding this wave out.  He'll get out of this funk, I just have to wait and let him process. 

Also we need to bang this out.  Oh yeah, I said it.  I've been indisposed for the past week (Aunt Flo and all) and he's got too much bottled up frustration. 

Does your husband handle stress in a not so great way?  How do you deal with an unlivable partner?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On Sickness and Do-ability

Last week, I had the sinus infection from h*ll.  It was rough.  Sore throat that made me sound like I smoke 2 packs a day, copious amounts of snot gushing from my nose, nostrils rubbed raw from tissues....not cute, overall.

I've never really been ill for any extended period of time around Coach, always just sniffly for a day or two then better.  But this sinus infection WOULD NOT VACATE the premises. 

5 days into this sickness, Coach romances me in bed, acting like I am on the cover of Maxim or something.  Same thing the next morning.  I'm talking ultimate sweetness, kisses on my shoulders, general behavior as if I am some treasured artifact.  All while I look like the before chick on a cold medicine commercial.

He still wanted to do me, red nose, lots of snot and all.  And to know that my husband still thinks I'm do-able in that state was the most liberating thing in the world. 

Marriage is surprising.  I knew the man loved me, but wow.....he loves me. 

Has your marriage surprised you?  How does your partner respond when you're sick?