Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Farting

My husband thinks it's absolutely hysterically funny to fart at me, or on me.

Exhibit A:
January 2010, we're engaged and at his parents house for the New Year.  Coach wrestles me to the floor, holds me down, and farts on me, all the while his mom is shrieking in the background "She could still change her mind, she could not marry you, I wouldn't marry someone who held me down and farted on me!"  As hard as I tried to be mad, I just couldn't-I was laughing too hard.  Who does that?  My husband!

So last night, we're watching Netflix and relaxing, and he positions his butt over one of our puppies faces and farts.  Farting humor just doesn't get old. 

There's another benefit to having dogs...the husband farts on them and not on me!

Does your partner do something super gross, somewhat offensive but still funny?

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  1. I feel you pain. My boyfriend does the same thing.


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