Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On Procreating

Coach has always wanted kids more than I have.

I've always been so afraid of the havoc a baby would wreck on our lives-financially, physically (for me especially), relationship wise for Coach and I...besides the fact that I am not that great with little kids.  Kids have always seemed so limiting, so constricting.  I feel that having a child is going to cut down on our travel, on career options, on money, on everything.

Coach's friend D was down this weekend, with his wife and their new baby.  And when I held their son, and looked into his cute little face, I could see how it all could be so worth it.

My biological clock just started up in a big way.

How do you view kids in terms of your relationship?  Are you and your partner in agreement with how many kids you want, if any?

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