Friday, October 29, 2010

On Absence and Hearts Growing Fonder

Coach and I saw each other 3 weekends a month for the duration of our engagement.  I was concerned that going from seeing Coach 3x a month for a very limited time that suddenly living with him and spending ALL of our free time together would be stressful.

It hasn't been stressful, but it is a huge adjustment, one I'm still adjusting too.  I need to work on spending more time with my family, but other than that, seeing Coach every day is a dream come true.

That's not to say that I don't thoroughly enjoy my Coach-free weekends.  Coach is in either Kentuckey or Tennessee today and tomorrow for a cross country meet (can't remember which, I just know he's in Cookeville, so wherever that's at!), and I have had a wonderful afternoon.  I had lunch with my granda, finished up lots of bachelorette party stuff for a wonderful friend's party tomorrow,  had lots of gabfests with girlfriends and I went couch shopping.  Now I'm eating Oreos in bed, finishing up a freelance script I'm writing, and watching an episode of Bones before falling asleep on Coach's awesome pillow.  And I'm going to sleep smack in the middle of the bed and hog all the covers.  I think I'll just sleep in my make up too, why not. 

Truly though, free time apart is so important for Coach and I.  I know he probably needs more than I do, so I need to give myself permission to leave him alone for an evening or so a week and hang out with my mom and sisters. 

Seeing him after he's gone for a while always guarantees a nice quiet dinner out or some lazy Sunday morning lounging.  Lovely all around.  Though tomorrow night he'll be picking an inebriated me up from a bar downtown in all my bachelorette glory, and there won't be anything quiet about that!

Is alone time important to you and your partner?  Because Coach would be a dead man for sure without it!


  1. Yes! I can soo relate, especially to the second to last paragraph! It's great to have some alone time and when he gets home we always have such a nice weekend just enjoying being back in each others company!

    I think having been in a long distance relationship definitely has something to do with it - Em and I have had a similar conversation and agree it's refreshing to find fiances/wives who can function for a week without their significant others. Usually it's the same ones who were in long distance relationships prior to living with their husbands.

    I swear, I can SO relate to every single post you write. I'm SO glad you decided to start this blog!

  2. We've pretty much been stuck to each other since we met, although we support each other in doing our own thing. Since we've been together we've each travelled overseas without each other. He runs a lot, and that is his alone time. I have a girls night once a week usually. And lately I've been really busy with work stuff in the evenings and on weekends, although that has turned out to be a bullshit waste of time...

  3. Looooove alone time. And I need a lot of it. Like Laura and you said, it definitely has something to do with the fact we were in long distance relationships. But also, I come from a very independent, "me time" family. I spent all day yesterday with a big group of people and while very fun, I was ready to be alone by the end of it.

    For me, though, alone time can also be spent sitting in the same room on the same couch, but doing totally different things. For example, this very minute Josh is sitting next to me playing video games and I'm catching up on blogs. I don't think I've said a word to him in over an hour.

    Once again, great post :)

  4. Alone time is HUGE for us too. We have never been in a long distance relationship, but we both like having our own personal time and space. Brad will often work overtime at other pharmacies than his own on the weekends and I relish those hours when he is away at work--I can clean the house, do the laundry, and enjoy other domesticated tasks that I like doing when he is not around. He comes home to a happy and relaxed wife and a clean for everyone! :-)


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