Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On Mileage

Coach and I closed on our first home yesterday.

Our home just so happens to be less than a half a mile from my parent's house. 

It's totally fine with me, but if we lived less than a half a mile from Coach's parents....not so fine.  This makes me feel guilty. 

After the wedding, when we moved Coach down to my hometown and got settled into the house I've been sharing with my sister, my parents made a big effort to give us our space.  I don't go over to my parent's house more than once or twice a week, and we have dinner with them maybe twice a month.  I really admire my parents for giving us our space to enjoy being newlyweds. 

I feel mean thinking this, but I know that Coach's parents would not have done so.  They just aren't like that, they're much more in your face.  Exhibit A:  Coach and I didn't take a honeymoon.  He had a new job to start.  The weekend after the wedding, we did go to St. Louis (where Coach is from and where his parents live) to have a "mini-moon."  We got a hotel room, completed our registries, etc etc....and had dinner at his parents house.  On our mini-moon.  They just aren't good with boundaries. 

I shudder to think what we'd be dealing with if we lived so close to his parents.  As cranky as it sounds, I'm glad we don't! 

Did your parents back off a bit so you can revel in your newlyweddedness?  Or are your parents much more involved, and is this good or bad for you?


  1. I can totally relate to this. There's just some situations that can't/won't change and its just best if you are further away from them. Congrats on closing on your house lady! Thats fantastic news!

  2. As for space, both our families would give us some space I think. We don't have to deal with it at all because my hubs's family lives in Honduras and my parents live in Vermont. However, his family asks us for money ALL the time and it makes me soooooo angry. So, because of that I'm super happy we live so far away and only see then once a year.

  3. Congrats on closing!! That must be so freaking exciting (and scary, but mostly exciting). Josh and I live 6+ hours from our parents so we get a lot of space. But if we lived closer, I have no doubt that they would give us space. My mom is very "see me when you have time" and his parents are the same. The thing is, I LOVE hanging out with my mom and I LOVE hanging out with his parents, so it's not an issue with us at all.

  4. Ha, don't feel guilty! We see my parents way more than we see his mom, but to be honest, it's because my parents aren't annoying. I'm super close to my mom so she calls pretty often, but they never bother us. His mom calls him AT LEAST once a day and is constantly bothering him with her problems. And it's usually when we're eating dinner. It drives me up a freaking wall.

    Anyway, the point of my post is we live about equal distance from each (15 minutes or so) but choose to spend more time more regularly with my parents. :) And you shouldn't feel guilty!


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