Thursday, November 4, 2010

On Wonder

Yesterday was a silly anniversary for Coach and I, but it's one of my favorites. 

November 3, 2007 is the day I first laid eyes on Coach.  I saw him at a sporting event, I thought he was hot, and I (brazenly for me) added him to Facebook.  He messaged me back, and 6 months later, we were dating. 

In honor of the day yesterday, I went back and re-read the epic FB message thread that Coach and I had after I first added him as a friend.  We went back and forth for weeks until I finally suggested that we meet in person.  Reading through those messages just blows my mind.  I think about the girl that I was then, and how much I was hurting over the loss (not physical, but our friendship was in its' death throes) of my best friend for years and years to alochol.  I think about how cute I thought he was, and I look back in absolute wonder that we ever ended up together.  Because while I first contacted Coach in November of 2007, we didn't start dating until March of 2008.  And he almost said no in March because I had been so wishy washy for almost 6 months. 

When I look at Coach, I'm no longer in awe every single time over the fact that he's in my life.  I look at my husband and I see the person who "gets" me the very most, the person who I would do anything in the world for.  I see comfort when I look at him, because I know that no matter how much of a pain in the *ss I am, he's going to be there.  Always.  But when I look back over our beginning, I am struck by an enormous sense of wonder that so many variables and components all came together just right, at just the right time, all to deliver me to my husband.  And him to me. 

So every November 3rd, I like to read over those Facebook messages.  I only do it once a year, on that day, and I am always moved to tears over how much could have gone wrong, and how much went just right. 

Did the stars align when you met your spouse/partner?  Or did it take awhile for everything to fall in to place, like it did for Coach and I?


  1. What a sweet anniversary! I was wishy-washy with Josh, too. He pursued me (daily) for weeks. Every time he asked to do something (again, literally daily) I said no. Thank god he kept it up!

  2. I think it is awesome that you have these. I really hope you have them printed in a little bound book. Nothing special, just something you can pass on to your children one day. When you're old and gray.
    It would be perfect.

  3. Aww, too cute! I love to randomly go through the emails David and I sent each other right after we started going - Journal entries and old notes between us are fun too! I read one from 2004 that said something about how I couldn't wait to wake up next to him every morning and now, over 6 years later, I get to!

  4. Hannah, you are so right, that would be perfect in a little bound book!

  5. wowee - how do you remember?? i know that i met my husband some time in the month of april because it was right after easter....


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