Saturday, November 27, 2010

On Too Much Time

Coach and I arrived in his home town Wednesday night.  It's Saturday morning and I am ready to go home.

We had a really nice holiday-our first one together couldn't have been better.  We stopped by my family's celebration for an hour or so (this is his family's year for Thanksgiving, so this was very nice of him), then we went on to 2 other family celebrations.  We were visiting from 11-8 or so, so it was a longish day.  Yesterday we shopped all day.  And this morning I was on the computer, when his mom announced that only Coach and I would be making an appearance on their Christmas card this year, since she doesn't like a single picture of herself from the wedding.  Because someone else did her hair and she doesn't like it.

So...I'm ready to go home!  We had such a great time this weekend, but I think that my limit with his mom is about 36-48 hours.  At least I know my limitations, right?

How was your holiday with your partner?  How much is too much time with your in-laws/family?


  1. Um, 36-48 hours is a long time! I applaud you! I was with my MIL for about 5 hours on Thanksgiving, and that was plenty. She also lives in the same city as us so we see her pretty regularly - Small amounts of time are definitely best.

  2. The holidays are so damn exhausting. I love my in-laws, but I definitely have my limits. However, the same can be said for my mom. Love her but we need space in order to fully appreciate each other.


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