Monday, November 22, 2010

On Beginnings

One of Coach's athletes had a first date with a girl he really likes this weekend.  This poor kid is the only guy on the team sans girlfriend, and he is very insecure about it.  A date going well for him is so important. 

While at dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, the athlete's car is hit while parked and totaled.  The athlete and his date find the car, and the athlete had to stay behind to deal with the cops, tow trucks, etc etc, while the date's roommate came and picked her up. 

The athlete was mortified at the way the date ended up, and told Coach about.  Coach replied:

"On IP (that's me!) and I's 2nd date, my truck wouldn't start because it was so cold.  Her sister had to come and pick us up.  She ended up marrying me....if your date is cool, she won't mind a bit."

I thought it was sweet.  He doesn't deliver sentiment how I would myself, but his way works so much better for him.  I love the story of us. 

I'm so sorry I've been so absent...Coach and I are trying to ready our house for move in (which is hopefully this weekend, keep your fingers crossed he doesn't discover any "must do before move in" projects!), and we are over there working whenever we aren't at work.  I have lots of commentary on remodeling together...I think it might be far superior to pre-marital counseling! 

Does your partner surprise you with unexpected sentiment?


  1. Awww, that's sweet of him!

    I bet remodeling together has brought out the best and worst in both of you! I know it (and moving too) was the same way for us - Much better than counseling! :)

  2. All the time! My BF is SO bad at sentiment so when he says something sweet or heartfelt, it usually makes me tear up a little :)

    Good luck on the remodeling! I think every couple should be required to remodel a house or cook a big important meal (like Thanksgiving) or solve some huge problem before they get married, it definitely helps you know how you two will work together under stress!


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