Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Too Much

Lately I've really overwhelmed and overly-emotional, almost as if I'm on the verge of tears 99% of the time. I'm not sad, not in the least, I think I'm just so bowled over by how good my life is right now.

I went from seeing my almost-husand 2-3 times a month to waking up next to him every day.

I went from absolute terror of seeing Coach desperately unhappy and unfulfilled as another coaching job passed him by because he wasn't a woman or a minority (Coach lost several jobs to Equal Hiring policies) to seeing my man be the Coach I always knew he could.

I'm going from living in a cute house by the park with my best friend and sister to the house of my dreams with my husband. As sad as I am to leave my sister, I know how important it is that Coach and I have our own place, and I can't wait.

I went from a job where I never knew when I'd be laid off because my boss spent all of the money that month to a job in my field of study that looks like it's going to be awesome for me. And for my little family, because the bonuses are amazing.

I went from struggling with money to being comfortably frugal, thanks to my husband and his amazing financial know-how.

My only explanation for how overly-emotional I am is that I feel so utterly blessed, so fortunate, so loved. And I feel that so much that it's just has nowhere to go!

Here's hoping I can calm the F down...

Have any of you been bowled over by the way your life turned out after the flurry of wedding planning died down?

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  1. Life is so fragile that it is sometimes hard to appreciate everything you have. I understand where you're coming from and know that when the dust settles, you'll be happier than you've ever been before.

    You're still in the honeymoon stage and I can't believe all the work ya'lls have been doing on the house. You're doing a great job lady!


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