Friday, January 28, 2011

On Anniversaries

In bed and on his computer on Wednesday, Coach looked up, surprised, and said, "we've been married for 6 months on Monday."  I had completely forgotten and shrugged it off--6 month anniversaries don't really do it for me.  Coach went back to his computer and that was the end of it. 

Until I got home last night.  Coach left for a track meet in Indiana yesterday and won't be back until late Saturday night.  I walked into the kitchen with my hands full and stopped as soon as I laid eyes on the kitchen table.  He had gotten me roses....creamy white roses with pale pink tips, almost like peony-roses.  And the sweetest note. 

Oh he is full of surprises!  I carried the flowers from room to room with me last night....I had them in the kitchen while I made dinner, and brought them to the bedroom while I got ready for bed. 

6 months of marriage and I didn't even realize it!  We both got new jobs, we bought and began to renovate a house, we fought, we made up, I cried, we laughed.  We made it through our first holiday season together.  We even cleaned a basement reaking of dog urine (courtesy of the last owners). 

If that's the first 6 months, I am super interested to see what the next 6 months will bring! 

I am so, so glad I married him....even when he makes me crazy. 

Are you a big anniversary person, or do they fly by un-noticed? 

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