Thursday, September 16, 2010

On Why My Husband is a Control Freak

Our pastor pronounced 5 minutes into our "pre-marital counseling" (which was 1 one hour meeting all about us and our ceremony) that Coach was "focused" and that I was more of a free spirit.  By focused he meant blatant control freak.  And Coach really is, he is an absolute control freak.

I love him anyway.

Exhibit A:

I'm in the kitchen cutting chicken.  I can see Coach squirming 3 feet away, trying not to look at what I'm doing, but after just 15 seconds he just can't take it anymore.  He jumps in, apologetically takes the knife, and finishes cutting the chicken.

Exhibit B:

We're in the car on the way to see the in-laws, discussing houses, one that needs some work in particular.  I'm saying how we can do the work together and we can totally handle it, and he bursts out saying, "but there's so much work I'd have to do!"  I'm all, "YOU'D have to do?" And then it dawned on me.  He's such a control freak  that he wasn't going to let me touch that house.  I have construction experience-I worked on set crew for all of high school and I helped remodel the house I'm living in now, so I was totally offended.  Coach jumped in and said "but I'd let you pull up carpet, and I'd let you do the landscaping."

Oh thanks babe.

The landscaping.  Awesome.

To be fair, he's a perfectionist, and I'm just not (only when it comes to the stuff I sew, then I turn into a freak).  I'm the "free spirit" and he's "focused."

Though I prefer control freak when it comes to him.

Anyway, I try to not take any of this personally and just understand that that's just Coach, that's just the way he is and he isn't tearing down the way I do things.  Not going to lie, I 100% took it personally at first, but I'm working on it.  It occasionally p*sses me off, but then I just think about how hysterical it is.

Besides, I don't let him TOUCH the laundry.  That's my department.


  1. I completely agree about the laundry. My man's idea of getting those garbs washed is CRAMING everything we own into a load (with no regard to color, level of delicacy...anything). Then, throwing it all in the dryer (hello expensive girlie pieces that need to hang dry!). Needless to say, I call him in when it comes time to fold/put away. There are some things that are just best done by certain people.

    Its interesting to see just how "focused" Coach is! I can see where his actions may be taken offensively at first. Have you guys talked about the way his focus can initially make you feel? Interesting stuff!

    On a side note, I'm so happy to find a blog that talks about the realness of marriage. I think many newleyweds were in your boat (gma reading, etc) and just have chose to not blog at all! That is a terrible waste. I wish you luck on your endeavors of spilling in an uncontrolled environment! Can't wait to hear about the daily life of AnonBlogette and Coach!

    A New Loyal Follower.

  2. Hahahaha, you married my guy. Allen is such a weirdo about things liks packing the vehicle correctly or aligning up the pictures perefctly. It drives him crazy to see me go all crazy and not measure (gasp!) and not triple check (gasp!!) and just hammer into the walls.

    Oh wells.

  3. Bah haha. Love this post. Although in example A I was totally your husband... maybe I'm the control freak. Ahhhhh

  4. Bahahaha. I let Paddy mess up his own washing- we do ours separately.

    I'm more of a control freak than he is though... og gosh, I really am...


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