Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On Sickness and Do-ability

Last week, I had the sinus infection from h*ll.  It was rough.  Sore throat that made me sound like I smoke 2 packs a day, copious amounts of snot gushing from my nose, nostrils rubbed raw from tissues....not cute, overall.

I've never really been ill for any extended period of time around Coach, always just sniffly for a day or two then better.  But this sinus infection WOULD NOT VACATE the premises. 

5 days into this sickness, Coach romances me in bed, acting like I am on the cover of Maxim or something.  Same thing the next morning.  I'm talking ultimate sweetness, kisses on my shoulders, general behavior as if I am some treasured artifact.  All while I look like the before chick on a cold medicine commercial.

He still wanted to do me, red nose, lots of snot and all.  And to know that my husband still thinks I'm do-able in that state was the most liberating thing in the world. 

Marriage is surprising.  I knew the man loved me, but wow.....he loves me. 

Has your marriage surprised you?  How does your partner respond when you're sick?


  1. Hahaha, I love this post! I actually had a sinus infection last month and can totally relate! Not only was I still do-able, he was also willing to take care of me in addition to.. that. :)

  2. Tehehe! Love this.

    The Groomie would still jump on me if...if... well, I can't think of a time when he wouldn't. Oh, men and their libidos of steel.

  3. I agree - nothing can deter my husband if he wants some canoodling, no matter what I look like.
    I got sick a few months after he moved here and boy was I sick. We went to DC and I threw up in the bathroom of the Smithsonian and then we had to take the metro home (where I luckily didn't throw up), but then we had to drive home on the highway and I threw up while driving 65 miles an hour. All. Over. My. Car. Then I started to cry, because that it what you do when you're driving in a pool of throw-up. While I was sick in bed he brought me water and alka seltzer (which I threw up) but most importantly - HE WASHED MY CAR!! Ever piece of throw-up was gone. I felt so loved - only your husband will clean up your throw-up-y car!!

  4. Hahaha oh you have a good husband. Josh wants nothing to do with my sick ass and I feel the same way towards him when he's sick. Mostly because I'm really selfish and really don't want to catch whatever he has and vice versa. Anyway, I hope that doesn't make me a bad wife :)

    I'm not sure what, if anything, has surprised me about marriage. I'd have to reflect on that for a bit.


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