Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the Handling of Stress

Coach doesn't handle stress very well. 

We still aren't moved in to our house....stuff keeps cropping up.  Stuff that costs money.  Money that we have safely tucked away in various savings accounts set aside specifically for this stuff.  The money is there, but poor Coach is such a saver that seeing it leak steadily out of said savings accounts is making him pull his hair out.

And his work....oh his work.  He works so much. 

He's stressed, in general.  And he doesn't deal with it as well as I'd like.  He gets angry at everything, and is just all over unhappy and hard to please.  Not fun to live with.

I'm riding this wave out.  He'll get out of this funk, I just have to wait and let him process. 

Also we need to bang this out.  Oh yeah, I said it.  I've been indisposed for the past week (Aunt Flo and all) and he's got too much bottled up frustration. 

Does your husband handle stress in a not so great way?  How do you deal with an unlivable partner?


  1. Oh I wish banging-it out fixed things for us. The more frustrated he gets the more his libido plummets... sometimes it drives me mad!

  2. 'Bang this out' may be one of my new favorite phrases. David's the same way when he's stressed - Moody and constantly negative and irritable. Also, Aunt Flo can go to hell. I'm ready for this week to be over.

  3. "Bang this out"- You are awesome. Haha.

    The Groomie just runs when he is stressed. Easy fix :)


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