Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Me Time

Since closing on our house November 1st, Coach and I's free time has completely disappeared.  Our house was not at all turn key ready, so every evening after work we went over to the house to whip it in to shape.  I still do some work on the side for my old job, so 2 evenings a week I've got scripts to work on.

Needless to say, my me time was nonexistent.

Coach is away this week for a coach's conference.  I miss him, and I know by Friday I'll be dying to see him....but.....I am loving every second of me time I'm having this week.  Last night I watched 2 episodes of Bones in bed while I crafted.  It was heaven.  And I slept in the middle of the bed, all sprawled out.  And hogged all the covers. 

I feel awful about not missing him more, but hell...I feel like I'm on a personal vacation or something! 

Tonight-more crafting.  And at least 2 more episodes of Bones.  Then I'm going to turn on the Nat Geo special on the Gospel of Judas while I fall asleep.  Yummm....

Just to further excuse my guilt, Coach and I spent our entire 16 month engagement living 2 hours away.  I saw him 2-3 times a month, so pretty much all I had was me time. 

The guilt, the guilt!  Do you enjoy me time?  To the point where you aren't super upset that your partner is out of town? 


  1. LOVE me time. The Groomie goes to running club every Wednesday (oh, that's today! Yay!) and I really look forward to coming home to an empty apartment and watching whatever I want and sprawling out on the couch.

  2. YES! I love me time - Em and I have talked about this before. We think it has something to do with having been in a LDR prior to getting married. I think it makes you realize it's not the end of the world to spend some time apart. I must admit, though, I'm not really looking forward to having 11 whole weeks of me time this spring while David's out of town for work. :(

  3. Haha Laura took the words RIGHT out of my mouth :) She and I have def talked about this a few times. It is absolutely because of doing long distance that I don't "miss" Josh as much as I "should" when he's gone. We did 2.5 years of long distance...it's ok if we spend a few days apart. Is it my favorite thing? No. Mostly because sometimes I get scared coming home to an empty apartment. But really, it's nowhere near the end of the world. And I think it's so important for wives/fiances/girlfriends not to feel bad for enjoying their "me" time. Ha, clearly I'm passionate about this topic.

  4. I think that me time is super important, even if you've never had a long-distance relationship. Nobody should feel guilty for that! I think that spending-every-second-together is often the mark of an immature or insecure relationship. Everyone deserves to have time alone. :)


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