Monday, December 27, 2010

On Cool Kids

My cousin had her little girls down at Christmas this year.  They are adorable. 

Her oldest one is 4, and she is a bright little girl.  We sat on the couch and ate Chex Mix together and talked about her pets and Buzz Lightyear. 

If I can have kids like her, then I AM IN.

Besides, I need someone to pass my American Girl on to.  I have Felicity, my sister has Samantha.  Hours of fun I tell you. 

Quick aside: 

Scene:  Christmas Eve morning, Coach's parents house.  I'm about to open a very large (in size) Christmas present from his parents. 

Right before I reach down to start ripping off the paper, Coach's dad says "I don't want to send the wrong message or anything...." Coach points at his dad and says in a somewhat threatening tone: "That better not be a crib!"

It was a shop vac.  And hysterical!

Any funny holiday moments to share?

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